Emiliya Ahmadova

Emiliya Ahmadova


Sheila is a 35-year-old Trinidadian woman who has all she wants: a caring husband, Miguel, and two beautiful children. She is a housewife who has devoted her life to bringing up her children. But her life is turned upside down when her police-officer husband locks up the brother of a local gang leader, which triggers an attack on her family.

Sheila is kidnapped and shipped to Venezuela, where she is sold to a brothel owned by a woman by the name of Bernadette. There her nightmare begins, as she is forced into prostitution. She is tormented nightly by the brutal Victor, who is Bernadette’s lover and the brothel’s supervisor.

Despite her daily tortures, Sheila keeps hoping for escape. She befriends the other women at the brothel, including a teenage girl, who benefit from her positive outlook.

Will Sheila be able to escape her nightmare and get her life back?

Back in Trinidad, a badly-burned body of another woman is mistaken for Sheila. Believing she is dead, her husband eventually begins a relationship with a woman named Candice, whose actions are partially the cause of Sheila’s family’s pain and suffering.

However, it is not easy for Candice to be around him and his children. She also has to deal with the jealousy of her other boyfriend, Francois. He keeps threatening to kill Miguel if she will not leave him.

   At the same time Psycho, a fellow gang member, is blackmailing her over a deed done at her request. To keep her secret safe, she must get rid of both of these men. After much planning, she kills  Francois. And to her joy, Psycho gets killed by a gunman during his birthday party.

Sheila and the other girls get rescued by a Romanian detective. She returns to Trinidad by boat, only to find her kidnapper, Candice, living in her house. They fight, and Candice threatens to kill Sheila.  However, Miguel comes home in the middle of the fight and is shocked to see his wife alive. He finds out that Candice had been the one who had kidnapped his wife. In order to keep Candice from shooting his family, he is forced to fire on her. His efforts are in vain for, unable to forgive her husband for cheating, Sheila asks for a divorce.


‘I have only read one other book that has brought me to tears the way this one did.’  Barbara Gartman.

Escape is only the beginning of her nightmares. 

  • The beautiful Silvana, shunned by society through no fault of her own, leaves Azerbaijan. She migrates to Kenya, where she falls in love with a man she sees as the answer to her prayers.
  • But her new husband, Mark, isn’t the man she thought she was marrying. Silvana must make a decision which will change her life forever.

Broken Chains is a 2017 Readers’ Favorite and Bookvana Awards finalist. It has also been honored as a finalist in the 2018 International Book Awards in the category of ‘Fiction – Inspirational.’ 

What readers say about Broken Chains

  • You are holding in your hands Broken Chains by Emiliya Ahmadova. This book should be ranked as a pearl of world literature.’
  • ‘The harmonious interplay of conflicting episodes with external reality once again confirms the talent and skill of literary genius. Emiliya Ahmadova’s  is a fascinating read. Sometimes it reminds us of our lives. You can see yourself in it and use what you read as a guide.’
  • ‘Broken Chains is an awesome book. I love it. The plot is rich, unique and really gripping. I couldn’t put it down until I finished reading the last chapters at 5 o’clock in the morning.’ Author  Christiane Agricola
  • ‘It raises sensitive questions that are not  so often discussed.In the heart of this story is the important question: What does it take to live with a deep sense of inner freedom? Silvana is a compelling and well-developed character who will not only interest readers but will be a powerful example of a warrior for freedom and human rights.’Reviewed By Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite (5 stars)
  • ‘This is a profoundly moving story on many levels. The reader is invited into the characters lives to experience the charm of seduction, the ensuing romances, weddings and then the harshness reality brings once the veil and champagne flutes are put away.’ Author Jeanette Skirvin
  • ‘Broken Chains is very inspiring. It is full of lessons and I believe it should be a compulsory text for young women starting out in life. Eyes that see the world through rose-tinted lenses might be opened, and be prepared for the darkness that lurks behind the most charming exteriors. A very worthy book.’ Author Brian O’Hare
  • ‘There were several occasions that I had to put the book down and regroup because the writing is so real and intense.’ Barbara Colvin
  • ‘Broken Chains is a compelling and heartfelt story, written with not only the author’s heart and soul, but also her need to educate others who may be victims of abuse. In itself this book can be used as a very resourceful hind-site for all victims of abuse.’Womensselfesteem.com


A Hell for All Seasons features seven bone-chilling short stories that span the globe, inviting you to partake in a spine-tingling supernatural adventures that you’ll not soon forget.

Across The Darkness

Tasaria, a gypsy woman from Tbilisi, allows her life to sink into the allure of the unknown, and ultimately drowns herself in the occult. Yet, that is not the full story, and does not fully explain her voracious appetite for this belief system, and her sudden descent into darkness.

This evil seeks utter destruction, not to mention the possession of her soul. As she sits late one evening reading tarot cards, she hears a knock at the door–at the same moment that she turns over the Death and Tower cards. She welcomes two mysterious and disguised visitors into her home, and soon lives to regret it.

The Nightmare At Helena Village

Beth, an American exchange student in Africa, is enamored by spells and witchcraft. Out of curiosity, she and her boyfriend Frank make a trip to the village of Helena in search of witches. After a horrific night spent in the village, they wonder: Was it real or did they just dream it? Either way, they reach a decision to never return to that village again. Either way, they reach a decision to never return to that village again

What readers say about A Hell For All Seasons.

‘Ms. Ahmadova has done a terrific job of relating small but very meaningful stories. Every one of them is a frightening world unto itself, and all of them are very worth reading. Highly recommended for aficionados of short horror stories.’ Kitty Muse Book Reviews

This is a collection of chilling and thrilling stories that bring in the supernatural and paranormal. It’s a great collection that works well within the title of Hell.’ Amy’s Bookshelf Review

‘This is a worthy collection of great stories for horror aficionados with an imaginative and clever title that accuratelyy reflects the book’s content and I would highly recommend horror lovers go looking for it.’ Author Brian O’hara

‘This is a fantastic collection of short stories. Each one is horrific in its own way. From demons and the occult to curiosity and hypocrisy, the way one wrong turn can completely change a life is subtly and chillingly demonstrated.’ Lisa Binion


Readers’ Favorite five star rated

Glue on the windowsill and toothpaste in the shoes. Who did the deed? 

  • Twelve-year-old Cub Scout twins Julieta and Rafaela have to deal with their older sister’s ugly tricks, which get them into trouble. 

At school, Julieta is being mocked for the freckles on her face and her crooked teeth. Forgetting her own plight, however, she stands up to a bully, Claudius, in order to protect her friend Montano from being persecuted. Out of kindness she agrees to go to the movie with Montano. Due to situations beyond her control, it ends up being an embarrassment in more ways than one. However, once again, she stands up for Montano. 

  • Another time, their Uncle David surprises the family by flying from his home in the US to Caracas for a visit. His visit causes worry; something is wrong. Julieta faces her fears in order to save her ill uncle in the middle of the night. After saving him, she becomes a hero in the uncle’s eyes. 

The Scouts plan to attend a Jamboree in Russia, and the girls get caught up in the planning and carrying out of various schemes to pay for the adventure. 

  • This book not only introduces children to Scouting, but also teaches them values, morals, and faith. My Twin Sister and Me shows how to manage anger, face one’s fears, the importance of self-respect, and how to deal with bullying. Above all, it helps kids learn how to show kindness to others. Oh–and very importantly: how to have fun

Why readers are hooked by The My Twin Sister And Me:

  • ‘This is a very interesting story, the sort of story that could take place anywhere. For any young girl between nine and thirteen years old (the age range for this book) who is having trouble dealing with adolescence, or thinks that no one can understand what they are experiencing, reading this book is a very good idea. This gets 4, maybe 4.5 stars.’
  • ‘Through the eyes of a twin, it tells about real life struggles, particularly how to deal with bullying in school, and how to become a better person. ‘