Tangina Ann

Tangina Ann

Short Stories in the Life of Little Girl Blue.

Series of Short Stories

excerpt from pages 20 -21 The Good Teacher

I was playing outside with other children and I noticed that they were playing with out shoes on. Well I got the Idea to take my shoes off to.  A little time goes by and my feet began to hurt.  In fact they felt like they were burning.  I went in to the house where a woman who was a native American heard me crying; She picked me up and looked at my feet.  she took me in to the bathroom and sat me down one the toilet and she got a jar out of the medicine cabinet that had had some white cream like stuff in it.  She put some on my feet and wrapped my feet with a piece of clothe.  She left the room saying to me you stay there until I come back.  

Natalie’s Dilemma

From the chapter I See You

Occasionally I would have dreams & I would think nothing of them  but some of them would come true.  I would be standing around thinking I dreamt of this same thing that is now happening just a week ago.  ( Natalie would some times have dreams that came true but it was when she started to have visions and hear people talking to her that changed her life for ever. No she’s not crazy this isn’t anything she wanted however,  She would become entwined in a mystery that only she could solve)

 The Rise of the Black Horse Rider

Ben & Sarah are looking toward to beginning their lives together but their lives a long with millions of others will change in an instant.  Fictionalized story based on the book of Daniel and Revelation.  Move over Zombie apocalypses you haven’t seen anything yet.  

The Search for Serenity

Page 35 chapter Feelings of Doubt

I know I can’t give you the world but I promise you, I will always love you.  My heart is yours.  (So he says but is it really?)


Pg. 49

Did you know there were dragon flies big enough to carry away a small dog or cat?  Then eat them on the fly?  Yep No Joke

No Where to Turn

Page 41 Things aren’t as they seem Paragraph 1

People on the out side of things all believes Leah and Jake had the perfect marriage.  It killed her inside to have to listen to them sing his praises when she knew he wasn’t the nice guy they seemed to believe he was.

The Increase of Knowledge Then and Now

Front of book

It’s about technology, what life was before the advent of cars & other technology and how it affects our lives today.